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Carbon Peeling

Carbon Peeling

We have concentrated on Frequently Asked Questions about our Carbon Peeling services. Before contacting customer service, please refer to this section for your questions.

This procedure, which has recently become popular and is a favorite of Hollywood stars, is a procedure that can be applied in any season of the year.

The pores are deeply cleansed and there is compression in the skin when the skin is poured into the pores of the carbon dioxide laser light.

  • Removal of newly formed and surface stains
  • Growing large pores
  • Skin Lubrication Balancing
  • Removal of small bones in the skin
  • Opening the skin color and creating a smooth relief
  • Makes makeup more comfortable in the skin

It is completely painless and defective, and immediately after the procedure, the patient may return to his daily life.

Although it is possible to see the results in each session, it can be 5 to 10 sessions per week for a better result.

  • Pregnancy and lactation cycle
  • Skin cancer
  • Inflamed ulcers in the procedure

Doctor’s consultation is completely free of charge.

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