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Smart Solarium

1. By boosting collagen secretion, the brand new Collagen Led technology prevents skin dryness and restores skin elasticity.
2. “UV safe emission” – It allows you to darken rapidly and completely numerous times thanks to filtered ultraviolet waves and vitamin D intake.
3. Proven long-term durability.
4. More comfort and cool cabin.
5.Original Italian production.

Boosts the body’s immunity to viral infections and colds; Thanks to the supply of calcium and vitamin D, it protects disorders that can emerge after a certain age, such as osteoporosis;-Acne and pimples on the skin respond well to depression and a passive lifestyle. It rejuvenates the skin by enhancing collagen secretion and blood circulation in the skin, making it brighter and fresher, thanks to the brand new Collagen LED technology, which has no analogs in Azerbaijan. It also helps to keep the skin moist during tanning;-While damaging UV-B rays in sunbaths cause the skin to get blister and peel, these rays are filtered and adjusted in the Smart Solarium, therefore this problem is avoided!

Before the procedure – All cosmetics should be removed from the skin, contact lenses should be removed, and a cap should be worn, glasses should be worn and the eyes in the cabin should not be opened as much as possible, Stickers should be put to large spots and nipples, and if there are tattoos on the brows, lips, or other body parts, an SPF cream should be applied solely to those places, Tan-free creams should never be used. After the procedure – it is recommended that you do not shower for at least 4 hours to ensure a longer-lasting outcome, that you do not go to the solarium for at least 48 hours before your next session, and that you apply skin moisturizers.

● Those under the age of 16,
Those who are prone to freckles during sunbathing,
●Those who have unusual colorless pockmarks in the skin.
● Those with more than 16 moles in 2mm and larger sizes,
● People who have skin cancer or are at risk for skin cancer,
●Patients with grade 1 melanoma,
● During pregnancy.

As the Smart Solarium is so much more powerful than other devices, the required outcome can be achieved in as few as 4-6 sessions, with an initial session of 5 or 6 minutes for delicate and light skin and 8 minutes for dark skin. It is enough to come once in 7-10 days to maintain the result.

Use of oils that are not meant for tanning is absolutely prohibited, as they can stain the skin, prevent the result from darkening, and harm the device! Solarium creams are completely safe to use.

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