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Tattoo Removal

Remove Tattoos

We have concentrated on Frequently Asked Questions about our Tattoo Removal services. Before contacting customer service, please refer to this section for your questions.

Getting remove unwanted tattoos through the Q-switched ND YAG laser system is no longer difficult.

New technology of the laser light is catching the Dermis and the tattoo coloring tissue through the Epidermis. It is broken down and disintegrated from the body via the immune system.

The number of sessions is about 3-6, depending on the color, thickness and depth of the tattoo. Each session interval is about 4 weeks.

Removal of dark-colored tattoos and tattoos takes less than 1 year, requiring less sessions. Black, blue, dark blue and red are referred to this category.

After the procedure, it should be protected from sunlight for at least 2 weeks. It is recommended that SPFs with anti-suntan SPFs be used during this time. The rehabilitation period is about 1 week, and it is normal for the skin to have slight fibers during this period.

Depending on this volume, it starts at 30 AZN (for example, eyebrows)

  • Pregnancy and lactation cycle
  • Skin cancer
  • In the procedure, inflammatory ulcers, burns and dark sunburn, ejection, and so on.

There is no sense of pain because the procedure is performed with the skin catheter.

The consultation is completely free.

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